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Strategic Communications

Solving today’s communications challenges takes strategy, project management, and content systems. BSG helps our clients build messaging strategies, execute tactical communications plans, create earned and social media content, mobilize allies, and promote their messages to shape the public debate. Our team has aided corporations, diplomatic missions, nonprofits, officeholders, and candidates by taking complex ideas and distilling them into persuasive messages. We believe in comprehensive approaches to solving messaging challenges, which includes helping our clients manage diverse teams and build systems so they can see news developments and respond in real-time. We easily integrate into broader communications, legal, grassroots, and government affairs teams.

News Intelligence Media Monitoring

BSG provides clients with comprehensive media monitoring intelligence focused on alerting them to the latest and most pertinent news. We provide our clients with “eyes and ears” on high-stakes debates as they develop in real-time. Our media monitoring effort is nimble and can shift according to our client’s needs. Alerts are sent through our Console-based monitoring system, in which client teams can be automatically notified via e-mail of news alerts, and can also login to view alerts in one convenient location. The Console includes a robust search function that will enable your team to quickly find and filter the stories alerted by BSG.

Digital Management & Advisory

As the digital transformation of public affairs continues, technology has become an essential component to understanding, shaping, and measuring public sentiment. Whether you need a simple website, a full-scale campaigning and fundraising online presence, or a totally bespoke software platform, our technology management and advisory services help clients identify, assess, build, and implement the solutions they need to be effective.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an integral part of effectively communicating to your target audience. Whether you need a full-scale website, a new brand and logo, a concise one-pager, a data-driven infographic, a presentation deck or social media/ad content, our graphic designer will work with clients to produce whatever they may need.

Due Diligence

Today, companies and organizations are facing increased scrutiny across the board. With an expertise in political-style research, BSG can identify potential liabilities that inform our clients’ strategies, risk management, deal-making, and hiring decisions. The goal is to mitigate both internal and external risks.

Research & Analysis

Our team works with clients to assemble high-impact information, competitive intelligence, and provide analysis that can inform and influence media narratives, government relations campaigns, or other internal decisions. We draw on public data and proprietary systems to analyze media reports, the legislative record, studies and policy papers, business and legal documents, social media activity, and other information. In today’s environment, clients need full-spectrum awareness before launching full-spectrum campaigns.

Political & Communications Risk Modeling & Advisory

The team at BSG has spent over a decade helping to define the political risk spectrum. Today, we help clients determine their own exposure to risk, whether it stems from communications, political, or policy challenges, so they can better navigate the future. Our practice includes building a risk model by taking into account all the factors that will weigh with stakeholders and then helping to craft a strategy to mitigate that risk. The political risk spectrum is constantly evolving and having a team dedicated to monitoring, modeling, and mitigating is essential.

Crisis Communications

BSG provides our clients with an instant crisis communications system so they can deal with the media and public opinion simultaneously. In addition to dealing with the challenge at hand, BSG works with our clients to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges today.

Audience Growth & Engagement

A community with a cause has as much power to shape the public narrative around an issue as an organization with a message. Our audience growth & engagement services help clients to create conversation-shaping content, distribute it to the right audience, and engage the community to take action.

Public Records Requests

BSG can implement a program to obtain public records documents at the federal, state, and local levels of government. The information obtained via public records requests gives clients a full-spectrum awareness so they have a fuller range of strategic options.

Litigation Support

Today’s complex, high-stakes legal disputes and investigations often require communications strategies and tactics to impact the legal process and shape public opinion. BSG integrates with clients’ senior management, in-house attorneys and outside counsel to provide the insights, analysis, and media engagement expertise needed to win in the court of public opinion.

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