Shouldn’t You Know Exactly What Is Going On, When It Happens?

April 6, 2021 | Blog Post

By Andrew Muchnick | Senior Associate

Less than 24 hours after President Biden formally introduced his $2 trillion infrastructure plan, the enormous size and scope of the package has driven stakeholders across the economy to seek out lobbying services to ensure their priorities are addressed in the final legislation.

POLITICOreported that a top DC lobbying firm is even turning potential clients away, with one senior lobbyist quoted saying, “look at the plan…shouldn’t everyone be lobbying this bill?”

Let me back up and ask a different question:

Shouldn’t you know exactly what is going on, when it happens?

In these early days, and at this point, these early hours of this months-long fight, the very definition of “infrastructure” is still up for debate, all while interest groups and activists across the political spectrum are drawing their battle lines.

With so much up in the air, so early on, now is the time to start listening and watching, so when the moment is right, you can act quickly and decisively knowing you have all of the information at your disposal.

No matter what your priorities are, Bullpen Strategy Group’s media monitoring experts will be your eyes and ears across the media landscape and bring you the most important parts of the discussion when you need it, and with the hyper-dynamic nature of this debate, you need it as it happens. With 24-hour monitoring capability across international time zones, Bullpen’s monitoring team is perfectly positioned to sift through the noise and provide insights that traditional, automated services simply cannot provide.

Pair your monitoring operation with a bespoke research agenda and communications plan, and you have yourself a surefire way to end up with a seat at the table instead of being on the menu.