Separate Signal from Noise on Twitter

October 21, 2020 | Blog Post

Twitter represents a vast, untapped source of critical data for decision makers, but finding signal amidst the noise is no easy task. Our new BTG Toolbox Twitter Search helps you drill down and extract the insights you need.

Click here to schedule a demo and learn more about our new Twitter power search functionality.

BTG Toolbox’s new Twitter module saves you time by expediting the historical Twitter review process for selected accounts and automatically alerts you to only the Tweets you care about from the accounts that matter to you.

This is the Twitter monitoring and research tool for professionals who need to know who Tweeted what and when, but don’t have the time to scroll through their feed all day. More importantly, you’re in control. Search what you want, when you want. 

Key features give you comprehensive access to a subject’s Twitter feed, including

  • Topic Lists – Customized lists of search keywords and terms related to your industry or specific projects.
  • Categories – Search the Tweets of multiple subjects with ease and efficiency. We have all House and Senate accounts ready to go.
  • Export – Share the results of your searches with team members and clients in a Word document format including screenshots of individual Tweets.
  • Alerts – Never miss the latest Tweets about key topics from the accounts you follow.

You can get started with BTG Toolbox for just $75 per month. There’s no long-term contract and all of our plans include unlimited logins, alerts, and reports for your entire team. Schedule a demo here to see the platform in action and learn how we can help you get critical insights from Twitter without the distraction.