Olivia Perez-Cubas Joins Bullpen Strategy Group As Vice President To Grow Strategic Communications Practice

May 4, 2020 | Blog Post

Washington, DC – Bullpen Strategy Group (BSG) is excited to announce that Olivia Perez-Cubas will be joining our growing public affairs firm as Vice President in our strategic communications practice. The BSG team has spent years working in the bullpen on high-stakes political campaigns – at the center of the action where strategy, communications, and research merge – and we are looking forward to Perez-Cubas bringing her skills and experience to the table for our clients.

Perez-Cubas built a career as an expert communicator at the highest levels in Washington DC. She most recently served as Communications Director to U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, and is now Communications Director for Winning For Women, a 501(C)(4) organization that helps center-right women pursue political leadership opportunities. Perez-Cubas will continue to serve as Communications Director for Winning For Women and the SuperPAC WFW Action Fund in her new role at BSG.

“I’m thrilled to join the talented team at BSG and be a part of its growing communications practice,” said Perez-Cubas. “BSG is led by some of the most effective communicators in the industry who have drawn on their expertise to develop a unique approach to public affairs, and I look forward to working with Joe again and alongside this team to deliver successful results to clients.”

“Since launching Bullpen Strategy Group eight months ago, we’ve grown significantly and are now providing strategic advisory and communications support to companies in a diverse set of industries. Olivia is an excellent addition to the team who will help us meet the needs of our current clients and expand our communications offerings,” said Joe Pounder, BSG CEO. “It’s been fun to see Olivia become a top communicator, and I look forward to working with her again and leaning on her insights and experience as BSG continues to expand.”

About Olivia:
Olivia brings extensive communications experience from political campaigns, the U.S. Senate, and non-profits. Most recently, she served as Communications Director at Winning For Women and the SuperPAC WFW Action Fund, which is the first SuperPAC dedicated solely to electing Republican women. 
She got her start in politics upon joining Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s Senate communications team in 2013. Not long after, she was tapped to join Rubio’s presidential campaign on day one where she served as Media Director. She was the Press Secretary for the 2016 re-election campaign and spent much of her time traveling the state with Rubio. After rejoining his Senate team as Communications Director in 2017, she was named by Roll Call as one of the top Latino staffers on Capitol Hill. Her career began as a news writer at WSVN, the FOX affiliate in Miami, Florida. She is a graduate of Florida State University.

About BSG:
Bullpen Strategy Group (BSG) is an insights-focused public affairs firm specializing in analysis, strategy and project management to help companies and clients anticipate and manage competitive, regulatory, political, legal, and media risks. Beyond traditional strategic communications, BSG provides critical insights to help inform our clients’ strategies to address challenges, including media, think tank and influence analysis, corporate due diligence, communications, rapid response, news intelligence, analytics, and media monitoring.