Corporate Communications in an Era of “Global Economic Chaos”

May 10, 2024 | Blog Post
Bullpen Brief

Words matter, and in today’s challenging, dynamic world, strong and clear communications are key to the success of a campaign, brand, or company.

Effective communications skills continue to be in high demand, even in an age of AI, according to data compiled by LinkedIn and reported by Axios. According to their data, 9 out of 10 global executives agree that these “soft skills” are more valuable to their organizations than ever before.

“Human skills, like communication, leadership and teamwork are particularly critical in this moment,” says LinkedIn Learning global head of content strategy, Dan Brodnitz. “With a rise in remote and hybrid work, and now AI, the need for human connection and people skills have become even more important as companies are looking for talent that can step up and create innovative, agile, collaborative teams.”

Chuck Robbins, chair and CEO of Cisco, and new chair of the Business Roundtable, recently sat down with Axios, with the overarching message that CEOs now believe global economic chaos is the new normal, and that all these situations must be dealt with head-on:

“There’s a generation of CEOs, with everything going on, that probably would have said, ‘We’re just going to pause everything until things get back to normal,'” Robbins said. But “we think this is normal.”

At Cisco, Robbins is already planning for the company’s agenda after the presidential election, regardless of who is occupying the White House. Robbins is also keenly aware of the fact that companies are more trusted than government and is looking to leverage that strength for good, adding that most Americans “realize strong companies in the United States do great things for this country.”

At BSG, our team of communicators spent years honing their skills on top political campaigns, the halls of Congress, and corporate board rooms so they can deliver high-stakes media engagements on behalf of our clients today. We work to develop and execute strategical and tactical communications plans, look for angles to shape the public debate, and turn persuasive messages into winning results.

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