Bullpen Strategy Group Launches MinotaurAI, New AI-Powered Video & Audio Processing Platform

November 14, 2023 | Press Release

New platform leverages AI to organize and transcribe content, make it searchable, and identify actionable insights for public affairs clients

Washington, D.C. – Today, Bullpen Strategy Group (BSG) launched MinotaurAI, a new video and audio processing platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to help clients easily store, organize, search, transcribe, analyze, clip, and when needed, translate their most important video and audio content. Sourced with clients’ key current and historical video and audio content, interviews, press conferences, shareholder meetings, speeches, and other relevant content, the platform’s AI-powered features include transcription capabilities, content summary generators, and advanced search functions.

“MinotaurAI is BSG’s latest initiative to help our clients begin to leverage the remarkable power of AI in their corporate public affairs and advocacy initiatives,” said Bullpen Strategy Group CEO Joe Pounder. “With MinotaurAI, we’re saying goodbye to the old, time-consuming, inefficient methods of managing what is the most important communications medium for our clients: video and audio content. By combining AI-powered transcription, analysis, and search on a single platform, MinotaurAI puts our clients’ key content at their fingertips, saving time and providing more actionable insights to help them meet their objectives every day.”

MinotaurAI has several key features helping clients:

  • Organize large video and audio archives and datasets on a central processing platform
  • Generate automated, AI-powered transcripts which are searchable and interactive across multiple languages
  • Analyze the content with AI, auto-creating keywords, topics, sentiment analysis, and speaker/brand identification across your content archive
  • Advanced search capabilities to quickly identify and review actionable video and audio content
  • Native in-platform video and audio clipping

BSG will be utilizing MinotaurAI for all current and new:

  • Public affairs clients engaged in active advocacy campaigns that demand video content
  • Research & analysis clients to build custom video libraries as part of the research process
  • Clients in need of custom video and audio dataset processing to organize and easily manage and search all their content
  • Corporate and advocacy clients needing a video platform but still want to manage the content themselves

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