Bullpen Strategy Group Launches Digital Reputation Management Practice

June 13, 2023 | Blog Post

Helps clients manage brands and issues online, search engine results, Wikipedia, and more

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Bullpen Strategy Group (BSG) launched a new Digital Reputation Management practice focused on helping businesses, executives, public policy initiatives, and other clients assess, manage, and strengthen their online profiles, improve Google Search results, create and positively impact Wikipedia pages, among other key services.

“Bullpen is committed to ensuring we offer the most robust, forward-looking solutions to help our clients solve problems, navigate risk, and grow in the moment,” said BSG CEO Joe Pounder. “That’s why we’re so excited to add Digital Reputation Management as another service for our clients. Using data-driven solutions to help manage and improve our clients’ online positioning is essential in today’s environment – whether it’s Google Search results, Wikipedia, or any other platform. Sound online data management is especially crucial in today’s ChatGPT world. If you aren’t shaping your online data today, you are an AI’s forgettable answer.”

BSG’s Digital Reputation Management Practice focuses on providing comprehensive, data-driven solutions to a range of challenges facing clients in the digital space, including:

  • Digital Assessment and Audit: Let the experts audit your online profile for an objective view of the current state of play, identify potential trouble spots and opportunities, and get a gameplan for how to improve it over time.
  • Digital Reputation Management – Companies and Issues: Position your brand, issue, or executive’s online reputation so that accurate, up-to-date, and good content rises in search engine results. Solutions often involve understanding and leveraging a range of mediums and outlets, including earned and owned media, business profiles, social media, Wikipedia, video, thought leadership, among others.
  • Digital Crisis Management and Recovery: We work hand-in-hand with clients and their teams to ensure that crisis communications efforts are reflected and synched in the online space, optimizing all available digital resources and platforms to help clients navigate and recover from the crisis.
  • Wikipedia Management: Since it’s often any company or individual’s first search result, Wikipedia is an essential element for online reputation. We help clients create, assess, and manage Wikipedia pages, with the goal of ensuring accurate and fair coverage while adhering to its policies and community guidelines. BSG can also monitor your Wikipedia to ensure you are always aware of what is being added.