BSG’s Newsletter Tracking System

October 2, 2023 | Blog Post

In today’s rapidly changing, “always-on” media landscape, minutes count. That’s why BSG designed a powerful Newsletter Tracking System to bolster our robust Media Intelligence service offering.

Nearly every major US and global publication publishes multiple email newsletters today. For example, Politico and Axios alone produce some 131 individual newsletters spanning a range of topics, industries, and locations. It would be impossible to subscribe, read, and analyze all of them to monitor for mentions of your company, client, or key issue.

In response, BSG’s Media Intelligence team has developed technology that ingests over 700 email newsletters from nearly 200 publications every day and surfaces key search terms and issues every morning to alert to our clients. Using technology to analyze this large dataset of newsletters ensures a more comprehensive monitoring service for clients.

Getting a handle on the email newsletter ecosystem is challenging, but we have the tools and expertise to turn this mountain of information into the insights you and your clients need every day.