BSG Launches New Suite of Media Intelligence Products

December 6, 2023 | Press Release

For the past four years, our team at Bullpen Strategy Group has been building a formidable Media Intelligence stack – investing in a range of premium resources and technology to provide our clients with “eyes and ears” on the news and issues debate in a manner unmatched by other platforms.
Today we’re thrilled to announce a suite of new Media Intelligence products, allowing us to bring our technology and expertise to more clients than ever.
Our new products – Bulletin, Newsroom, and Nerve Center – are carefully configured to address the diverse range of needs our clients face. Each product can be customized and configured, with full support for branding and white-labeling as needed.

Whether you need one daily morning briefing or full-scale, real-time support in a crisis scenario – or something in between – our Media Intelligence practice has the right solution for you and your clients.
To learn more or schedule a quick demo, please visit our website or contact us at