BSG Books 2023: A sampling of our favorite books from 2023

December 19, 2023 | Blog Post

We recently asked the BSG staff for the books they enjoyed most in 2023. We were impressed by the diversity and range of selections they chose – a mix of fiction, history, social science, and pop culture. The list below might help you find something great to pick up as we head into 2024. Happy holidays!

Churchill: Walking With Destiny – Andrew Roberts

“Andrew Roberts’ sweeping biography of Winston Churchill details the magnificent life of the 20th Century’s greatest statesman. From his time in South Africa and India to his multiple premierships, the story of Churchill’s life and career demonstrates the need to look deeply into the past to help inform our understanding of the present and plan for the future.” 

– Andrew Muchnick, Senior Director

The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language – Steven Pinker

“Pinker delves into how language shapes human thought and civilization – I use the insights I gleaned from that book every single day.  Pinker also discusses the innate nature of language, which has given me a new perspective with which to watch my baby niece develop both verbal and nonverbal language.  Somehow, this actually enhances the already immeasurable joy she brings to my life.”

– Beth Hitchcock, Senior Director

Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington – James Kirchick

“This novel chronicles both the LGBT community within Washington, DC and the notable gay scandals and events within the government from World War II to the George W. Bush Administration. Highlighting a facet of history often overlooked, Secret City shines a light on a fascinating journey from the ostracization of the past to the equality movements of the present day.”

– Patrick Wheat, Senior Director

Dune – Frank Herbert

“An 800-page epic that follows the adventures of Paul Atreides as he navigates the dangers of the desert world Arrakis. Though science fiction, the book is so timeless that anyone can pick up this book and obsess over the world of Dune.”

– Carlo Zahl-Batlle, Associate

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow – Gabrielle Zevin

“A Bill-Gates-recommended novel about two friends who find both triumph and disaster over a life in the videogames industry may not sound like an obvious beach read, but Gabrielle Zevin’s tender exploration of the complexities of collaboration and partnership is a must-read for anyone interested in human connections and creative endeavors.” 

– Pelham Groom, Partner

Power Players – Chris Cillizza

“Combining my passions for sports and politics, Cillizza chronicles each American Presidency in the post-WW2 era, their relationship with sports, how they used sports to connect with the American people, how it ignited their competitive spirit, and how it molded each man in life and in their administrations.”

– Rob Simpson, Vice President

Junk Film: Why Bad Movies Matter – Katharine Coldiron

“You’ve likely seen a movie described as ‘so bad it’s good’ — but did you know there’s an entire group of fans that seek out and appreciate bad films? This collection of essays explores cinematic disasters like Plan 9 From Outer Space, Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman, and Staying Alive. If you’re interested in ‘mainstream’ box office duds like The Room, Troll 2, Samurai Cop, or Miami Connection, I’d recommend checking it out for an introduction to the bad movie fanbase.”

– Evan Gassman, Vice President

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