BSG Acquires Pundit Analytics, Launches Bullpen Technology Group

August 13, 2020 | Blog Post

New Subsidiary To Build Cutting-Edge Tech For Public Affairs And Policy Analysis

Washington, D.C. – Bullpen Strategy Group (BSG) today announced the launch of Bullpen Technology Group (BTG), a new subsidiary dedicated to building innovative resources and applications to help meet today’s evolving communications, policy analysis, and public affairs challenges. As part of this initiative, Bullpen Strategy Group has acquired Pundit Analytics, a startup founded by former Microsoft software engineer Glenn Parham that uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to automate competitive intelligence in politics. Parham will lead BTG as its Chief Technology Officer.

Also joining BTG’s leadership team is political technologist Eric Wilson, who will serve as Senior Vice President for Strategy to BTG. Wilson is a veteran of numerous political campaigns and has directed digital departments in campaigns for president, governor and Senate. Eric has also advised national party committees in the US and Australia.

Bullpen Technology Group will leverage A.I., machine learning, natural language processing, and other emerging technologies to develop tools and services that help corporations, trade associations, and public affairs campaigners navigate their communications, public policy, and public affairs challenges, as well as offer technology-focused advisory services to clients. Using a data-driven approach, BTG will bring custom tools to the market specifically designed for business customers looking for more efficient analysis and research tools.

“First and foremost, Bullpen Technology Group will be about building and creating,” said Glenn Parham, BTG CTO. “Many industries need the digital, data-driven tools that we’ll bring to market or custom build, and BTG will be at the forefront of applying the innovative techniques honed in Silicon Valley to a specific public affairs and competitive intelligence context. I’m beyond excited to join BTG to create the tools that will give our customers greater insights into the political, policy and public affairs environment around them.”

“Our team is ready to shake up public affairs and policy analysis with innovative tools to help executives better shape their strategies and professionals better serve their clients with data and technology,” explained Eric Wilson, SVP for Strategy. “The stakes have never been higher and we’re going to empower our partners to put points on the board for their companies and clients.”

“At Bullpen Strategy Group, we recognize that automation and artificial intelligence can play a key role in supporting the needs of our clients, and can make the jobs of our expert communicators and researchers more efficient and effective,” said Bullpen Strategy Group CEO Joe Pounder. “We’re thrilled to have Glenn Parham join our team, lead Bullpen Technology Group, and bring his tech expertise to bat for a whole new range of business clients.”

Bullpen Technology Group Leadership

Glenn Parham – Chief Technology Officer, BTG
Glenn Parham joins as Chief Technology Officer. As a software engineer with a background in data science and machine learning, Parham is an expert in applying concepts used in Silicon Valley to monitoring and predicting politics, as well as creating automation tools for public affairs. Parham served as Co-Founder and CEO of Pundit Analytics, and has worked as a Software Engineer at Microsoft and as a Data Intelligence Engineer at Crowdpulse. He studied data science and economics at the University of California, Berkeley.

Eric Wilson – Senior Vice President for Strategy, BTG
Eric Wilson is a political technologist driving innovation and digital transformation. He is a veteran of numerous campaigns on the state, federal, and international level. Eric led Marco Rubio’s digital team during his 2016 campaign for president, served as digital director of Ed Gillespie’s campaigns for Virginia Governor in 2017 and US Senate in 2014, and advised on digital strategy for the National Republican Senatorial Campaign in 2016 and the Liberal Party of Australia in 2016. In addition, Eric has held digital strategy roles at the American Action Network, Engage, and the U.S. House of Representatives.

Eric is the managing partner of Startup Caucus, an investment fund and startup accelerator for Republican campaign technology. He teaches and trains candidates and their campaign teams how to win online at He is also is the Director of the Center for Campaign Innovation, a non-profit research and training center guiding conservatives through the digital transformation of politics. Named Campaigns & Election’s “2019 Digital Influencer of the Year” and a Harvard Ash Center Technology & Democracy Fellow, Eric is frequently interviewed by the media about campaigns and technology and regularly speaks domestically and internationally about the digital transformation of politics.

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