Bloomberg Spotlights Challenge of Open Source Intelligence

February 2, 2024 | Blog Post

Today’s Internet produces such an incredible volume of data that even U.S. intelligence agencies are “struggling to find secrets” amid the vast troves of ever-expanding publicly available information, reports Bloomberg this week. The impact of this data deluge on open source intelligence, known as OSINT, has become such an issue that an expert in the field has called for the creation of a standalone federal agency to address it.

But OSINT gathering and analysis need not, indeed should not, be the sole province of government. Businesses can and should be looking for an edge by closely tracking their key corporate priorities, competitors, and stakeholders to assess and manage the many risks they face each and every day.

By leveraging an advanced technology stack and a team of expert analysts, Bullpen Strategy Group (BSG) is well positioned to help organizations and companies sift through this “staggering amount of data.” We can help you assess your competitive landscape by conducting in-depth research using OSINT sources, from public records requests to court filings, to social media posts and news reporting.

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