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Every client is unique. So is Atlas, BSG’s news intelligence platform.

Atlas spans the globe to ensure a truly around‐the‐clock operation. Our team of expert analysts watch your company, your competitors, your industry, and your issues of interest 24 hours per day.

BSG’s news intelligence platform goes well beyond other media monitoring services. Through real-time alerts, narrative analysis, media analytics, and breaking news and crisis situation support, our team becomes an extension of yours. And because our team of expert analysts has a nuanced understanding of the media landscape formed through years of work in the public relations space – at times from the very industries they’re monitoring for BSG’s clients – our team delivers a fuller understanding of the issues facing companies or their industries, allowing for more effective monitoring and analysis.

Atlas Dashboard View

The Need.

We hear the same story again and again from our clients: There’s just too much media to reasonably keep up with. They’ve tried to keep up through some combination of paid services (usually more than two, sometimes three)and basic Google searches. But no matter how hard they try, staying on top of every news article and capturing every mention is increasingly difficult.

Worse, hours of your valuable time are still required to pick through the noise to find the news that matters – time that could be better spent responding to these challenges.

You need a service, not just another time‐consuming tool.

How it Works.

The average communications professional spends 8.6 hours per week managing their external vendors. That’s a full day of work managing the work you’ve outsourced to someone else. And it’s not even in a crisis or high‐pressure situation.

Our service reduces that time by doing the work for you, making your job more efficient and your team more effective.

Functioning more as an extension of your team than a simple monitoring tool, our analysts use a proprietary mix of tools to stay on top of your issues throughout the day. Working across six time‐zones, with staff in London and Washington, D.C., our expert analysts have eyes on your issues around the clock. This also allows us to leverage unique perspectives, with expert analysts in different media markets, different languages, and from different perspectives.

Your Dashboard.

Important news stories and reports can quickly be buried in your email inbox.The BSG’s Atlas dashboard tells you what’s happening right now or at any time your team deems necessary.You can see and hear your broadcast coverage, sensing the tenor and tone of coverage in a way that just isn’t possible with an automated transcript. You can see live statistics for social media posts – numbers for retweets, likes, shares, and favorites from leading social media platforms – not just a snapshot in time.

It also keeps all your news in one place: searchable and easily categorized. If you need to find that story from last year that’s suddenly relevant again or see how a certain narrative has played out in previous reporting, it’s right there in your dash‐ board – stored, sorted, and tagged. Alerts can also be accessed though a custom iPhone app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do you use for monitoring?

Our news intelligence platform brings together all the services you already use, and constantly adds more to improve our search capabilities. From print and online news outlets to national and local TV, social media feeds, trade and niche policy outlets, podcasts, and more – we’ve got you covered. In addition to these tools, we also provide an Advanced Search through our Atlas dashboard. This built‐in search allows users to filter their results by tags, categories, issues, statistics, dates, or other metrics built into the dashboard.

Will I have a dedicated analyst?

Yes. Your analyst is a member of our team, not part of a sales staff. Together we’ll work with your team to build a bespoke operation targeted with precision to meet your needs.

Is the Atlas dashboard fully customizable?

Yes. Atlas can be customized to sort information based on the categories you choose. We also offer a full customization “white‐label” option, in which the Atlas dashboard reflects the logo and URL of your company or organization.

What happens when I have a breaking news situation?

We can scale up our operations on a moment’s notice. Having human analysts gives us the flexibility to respond faster and more efficiently than automated services. In fact, when needed, we can send members of our team to work directly with your team to streamline reporting and response times.

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