Digital Services

The digital transformation of public affairs is well underway. In a virtual-first world, your digital communications, outreach, and advocacy are often the first point of contact a target audience has with your company, trade association, or nonprofit. Bullpen Strategy Group’s digital team combines the precision of political campaign digital efforts with content-centric strategies to cut through the noise and shape your narrative.

Whether you are just getting started, want to boost your digital efforts to the next level, or need to address a specific challenge, BSG Digital is your partner in evidence-based, metric-driven applications of digital marketing, data, and technology to drive your agenda.

Social Media Management

Social media is the primary channel for shaping public affairs narratives, distributing communications products, and building an echo chamber. BSG Digital offers full-service social media management for multiple channels, including development of content calendars to ensure your accounts are generating engagement and getting more followers.
The key to an effective social media strategy is posting consistently, maintaining relevance to your audience, and formatting content appropriately. Unlike traditional communications channels with social media, distribution and content are inseparable.
• Launch and maintain social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
• Develop content calendars to maximize channel growth and audience reach.

Email Marketing

Anyone can send out an email, but you need experts to ensure your message gets delivered first and then acted upon. BSG Digital starts with the three fundamentals of email deliverability: infrastructure, authentication, and reputation so your communications don’t end up in spam.  
Next, we focus on creating email content that is optimized for action and achieving your organization’s goals.
• Correctly set up your email marketing program according to industry best practices to ensure
deliverability and inbox placement.
• Manage email marketing programs that drive actions like fundraising, advocacy, or content sharing.

Digital, Data & Tech Integration

A modern public affairs effort involves a combined team each using different software with each application generating critical data streams. Unfortunately, this data is too often siloed between programs and vendors.
BSG Digital will ensure your digital marketing, data, and technology are integrated to help you make smarter decisions. Whether that’s through automations or a manual process, we will own data integration.
• Work directly with multiple vendors to generate data reporting streams. Setup automations or scheduled export/imports.
• Build a “data lake” to maintain a single source of truth for all online and offline efforts.

Digital-First Content Development & Audience Building

Policy changes from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other platforms are drastically reducing your ability to use paid advertising for issue advocacy. Yet it’s more critical than ever before to reach your target audiences with these channels. To do so requires creating digital-first content like newsletters, blogs, podcasts, or YouTube channels that attract and retain your own online audiences.
Most organizations can take the content they’re already producing, like press releases, letters, op-eds, testimony, or white papers and with our help, develop these into compelling digital-first content. A key part of successful digital content is baking distribution strategies into the content.
• Remix existing advocacy content into digital-first content.
• Build owned audiences around your content.
• Develop high-production value podcasts and vlogs.

Social Media Advocacy

In addition to creating more compelling digital content to overcome restrictions on issue advocacy advertising, organizations must turn to their stakeholders, employees, and allies to produce “user-generated content” that earns greater reach on social media platforms.
BSG Digital will develop the tools to help supporters create their own content – Tweets, Facebook posts, and more – to leverage for advocacy efforts.
• Create distribution channels or platforms for connecting with stakeholders, employees, and allies to drive social sharing.
• Remix advocacy content into easy-to-share items for supporters.

About BSG Digital

Eric Wilson leads the BSG Digital team. He has driven digital efforts for national and international political campaigns, top advocacy efforts, and corporations. Clients appreciate Eric’s cutting-edge thinking with a relentless focus on measurable results.